Building your brand is all about building a reputation of commitment and accountability to achieve your aspirations. As your coach, we will help you evolve as a brand so that you can establish a professional with deeper connections with your clients.


Achieve Your Aspirations

You should trust your own strength and values to set your personal and professional brand up for success. Act Now is aimed to empower you with more confidence and better clarity in turning your skills in the right direction. Helping you build your brand based on your unique strength, values, and visions – that’s what we aim for.


Be Committed, Be Accountable

Committing to your brand and being held accountable, will enable you to overcome obstacles that affect attention and your aspirations. As your coach, we will guide you on how you can educate your colleagues on why your solutions are trustworthy, will win their interests, and encourage them to make an action.

About Act Now!

Do you have ideas on your mind? Do you wonder why situations aren’t adapting to logic? Some lack confidence or expertise to turn these ideals into goals. Once implemented, the options for personal brand growth are available. 

Time to act on your ideas with Act Now and pave your path to success. You can conquer your business milestones – whether you want to launch a new venture or grow an already existing role.  

We are one of the most trusted coaching and consultancy firms. With a dedicated plan, we can guide you on understanding your vision, evaluating it from a marketer’s point-of-view, and figuring out ways to combat your challenges and influence others. Our goal is to give you confidence and courage to build your own brand.  

To date, we have assisted a number of businessowners and industry leaders in working on their intended goals, producing better teams, and driving more optimized results for their businesses.  

Got business ideas and goals? Let’s talk!  

More About Us

Act On Your Ideas with Guidance
To Achieve Your Aspirations

You have business ideas. And, we would love to be a part of the journey in making it a success. With our guidance and assistance, you can convert your visions into a coveted brand! Take a tour of our options for assistance to you –

20+ Lessons

Professional Coaching

20+ Lessons


Founder & CEO Of Act Now

My Story

Hi there! I am Jesse Rodgers, the founder and CEO of Act Now, a reputed business coaching firm. As a seasoned coach and a mechanical engineering leader with experience in the manufacturing industry, I aim to develop professional aspirants to dream big, take a leap of faith, and emerge on the market with meteoric growth. 


Though majorly known for my leadership and mentorship capabilities, I also give equal weightage to several other aspects of business development i.e. brand management, cost control, optimization, negotiation, research, supervision, and technical evaluation.  


Let’s talk if you want to act on your business aspirations to life!  

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