We What Our Clients Say


"I've worked with Jesse for a number of years. Jesse has helped me become more comfortable with having difficult conversations with clients. That skill is needed more than ever in today's business world as a sales manager"

Shawn Edwards

“Having a mentor like Jesse helped me identify and build on my own personal strengths to develop into the sales leader that I am today. Jesse will help anyone maximize their full potential and bring out the best in them!”

Marc Quilling Stryker Sales

Jesse's ability to constantly challenge and drive me to become a better leader has led me to the success I've achieved today as a manager. He always held me to the highest standard and I continue to hold myself to those same expectations. He truly helped me develop the habits and cadence on a daily basis to drive success that gave me the framework for leading my team today..

Taylor Robinson

"Jesse is one of the BEST sales leaders I’ve had the privilege to be led by. Jesse brought me into the industry, and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for his investment in my growth. More importantly, his example has influenced the success I’ve had thus far in my career. Jesse leverages his insight, business expertise, empathy, and fanatical work ethic into the people around him. It’s a true honor to not only call him a mentor, but also a friend. His loyalty is unmatched. I would recommend Jesse and his skill set to any sales professional seeking to enhance his or her career"

Gus Mustakas